University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Caldwell Michael cropped

Hello all! My name is Mika and I’m coming out from Massachusetts. I went to the University of Massachusetts Lowell for both my B.S and M.S in biotechnology. During my graduate years I was able to study the binding dynamics of a particular trimolecular interaction related to angiogenesis and wound healing. I have always been interested in studying biology through the perspective of mathematics, and pursued this interest by taking various math courses during my undergraduate years. Since then, I’ve become increasingly fascinated in the computational techniques used to study the troves of biological data that continues to be generated through sequencing and related technologies. When I have free time I can usually be found playing any and all phone games I can get my hands on.


Xiamen University

Cao Yingxin

My name is Yingxin. I’m originally form Qingdao, China and I recently graduated from the University of Washington with an MS degree in Bioengineering. I finished my undergraduate study at Xiamen University two years ago, with a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering and a minor in Statistics. I have some research experience applying data-driven methods to optimize cellular metabolic pathways as well as using deep learning approaches analyzing biomedical images. My research interests include statistical machine learning, network biology, cancer biology. Outside of lab, I enjoy photographing, hiking, and playing tennis.

Smith College

Deshpande Ria cropped

Hello!  My name is Ria. I'm from Pune, India and graduated from Smith College with a B.A in Biology and a minor in Math. At Smith, I worked with dynein motors to understand their microtubule binding domains as well as the differences of this domain between species. I completed my master’s in biology from New York University where I studied the processes of convergent extension during development of Ciona robusta. My interests are primarily in cell division, cell motility and cell fate determination. Outside of lab I enjoy cooking, reading, painting and watching sports. 

Boston University

Dollinger Emmanuel croppedI am a French-American who grew up in San Francisco and moved to Boston for college. I graduated from Boston University with a degree in Chemistry: Biochemistry, which taught me critical life skills such as the proper use of “wicked” and how to fake a Boston accent. I then worked for a couple of years at Novartis where I was involved in formulation development, evaluating physical/chemical properties of early pharmaceutical compounds, and maintaining HPLC separation instrumentation. I am passionate about immunology, oncology, interpersonal communication skills and philosophy of science. I also enjoy rock climbing, biking, reading and tai chi.

UC Irvine

Gong Yanwen cropped

Hello! My name is Yanwen. I am originally from China and graduated from UCI with a biotechnology Masters Degree where I conduced RNA post-transcription modification study. In the past two years, I worked in GRAIL, a company focusing on early cancer detection through cell-free DNA. I hope to work on applying machine learning on biological problem. Outside of lab I enjoy hiking and traveling.