WShermanGreetings and salutations! My name is William Sherman and I'm from Southern California, specifically Northridge.

I have a B.S. and M.S. in Applied Mathematics from CSU Northridge where I split my time between taking classes, teaching classes, and working on research projects relating to mathematical biology. I've worked on projects involving climate modeling, cell biology, and species interactions. Specifically, my thesis was the construction and analyzation of a mathematical model for intraguild predation.

When I'm outside of the classroom, you can generally find me at Disneyland using my annual passport or catching up on the latest movie news and enjoying a nice day out at the movies. Want to go to Disneyland and then see a movie? That's my perfect day!

JNashHello! My name is Joe Nash.

I recently earned a B.S. in Engineering Physics and minors in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

At Illinois I performed research in quantum information involving adaptive optics and single photon coupling. I also researched high energy particle physics at Argonne National Lab and Fermi National Accelerator Facility. During my undergrad career I have become fascinated by the techniques and applications of physical biology and neurology. In graduate study I hope to explore these areas and related ones in the field of systems biology.

Outside of academics I enjoy racquetball, golf, cooking, and an occasional bout of digitally simulated combat.

LLiHi, my name is Lily Li.

I recently graduated from Caltech with a B.S. in Bioengineering and a minor in English.

I worked for one year at Harvey Mudd College studying the cis-regulatory grammar behind enhancer architecture in the developing embryo and one year at City of Hope National Medical Center studying chemokine receptors and their role in the pathogenesis and progression of pancreatic cancer.My interests span a wide range of topics, including functional and comparative genomics and evolutionary biology.

Outside of lab I enjoy singing, cooking and reading.

LMartinezLomeliHi! My name is Luis Martinez Lomeli.

I graduated this year from a master program on mathematics from UNAM at Mexico City.

I am interested on working with probabilistic and stochastic process models on biological systems. I have previous experience on morphogenesis and genetic regulatory networks. I am also interested on computational approaches to modeling life systems. I use primarily Python and R.

My hobbies are swimming, playing video games and reading science fiction books.

LLagunesHi! I am Leonila Lagunes.

I am from Orange County.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from California State University, Fullerton, where I was also a scholar in the Minority Access to Research Careers and McNair Programs. I worked for two and half years on developing new cancer detection techniques using DNA microarray data. My research interests include computational biology, cancer biology, modeling, and applied mathematics.

My hobbies include TV show binging, reading, and expanding my collections.