Name Research Area
Allard, Jun Mathematical modeling of cell mechanics; How forces are used by cells for cell-cell communication, actin-based crawling, internal transport and cytoskeleton dynamics; Nonlinear partial differential equations, stochastic simulation and Bayesian statistics.
Allison, Steven Microbial enzymes, theoretical ecology, and biogeochemistry
Andersen, Bogi Transcriptional regulation in normal and diseased epithelia
Andricioaei, Ioan Interface of structural molecular biology and physical chemistry
Arora, Kavita Drosophila development, TGF-beta signal transduction, cell signaling
Atwood, Scott Cell fate decisions in skin cancer, skin and hair follicle development, and stem cells.
Baldi, Pierre Artificial Intelligence: Automated Reasoning / Machine Learning / Data Mining / Large-Scale Data Analysis: Information Access & Management / Computational Biology / Bioinformatics / Systems Biology
Bardwell, Lee Use of molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology and math/computation to study fundamental questions of cell signaling and regulation
Bennett, Albert Evolutionary and comparative physiology
Blumberg, Bruce Molecular embryology, molecular biology, developmental biology, functional genomics, endocrinology, pharmacology, high-throughput screening
Botvinick, Elliot The relationship between mechanical stresses on cells and molecular signaling, or cellular mechanotransduction. Investigation of the role of the glycocalix in the transduction of fluid shear stress at the wall of blood vessels, and is constructing an instrument to study the scale of mechanical induction of vascular inflammation.
Brody, Jim Single molecule dynamics, bioinformatics, functional genomics, surface plasmon resonance
Bush, Robin Molecular Evolution of Pathogens
Calof, Anne Systems Biology of Stem Cells and Human Developmental Disorders
Chen, Long Theoretical analysis and practical application of Adaptive Finite Element Methods (AFEMs)
Cho, Ken Growth factor signaling and functional genomics in Xenopus and zebrafish, stem cell research and diabetes, Bioinformatics and functional genomics, Veterbrate embryology and growth factor signaling
Cinquin, Olivier Systems biology of cell differentiation.
Cocco, Melanie NMR spectroscopy, DNA-binding proteins, membrane proteins, cancer
Collins, Philip Nanomaterial Synthesis  & Characterization, Nanocircuit Behaviors, Single Molecule Circuits
Cooper, Dan Effect of exercise on gene and protein expression of key inflammatory and growth mediators in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in health children
Dai, Xing Role of the regulatory proteins Ovo in germ cell and epidermal differentiation
Dennin, Michael Biological physics, Langmuir monolayers, Foams
Emerson, J.J. Evolution of genetic novelty: copy number variation, gene duplication, sex chromosome evolution and the evolution of gene expression
Enciso, German Mathematical Biology; developing generic modules for biochemical reactions in little b and to study signal transduction pathways associated with EGF receptors.
Faiola, Celia Biosphere-atmosphere interactions, plant stress emissions in an evolving world, links between ecology and climate
Fowlkes, Charless Artificial Intelligence: Automated Reasoning / Machine Learning / Data Mining
Bio-Medical Informatics / Computational Biology
Frank, Steve Evolutionary genetics, host-parasite interactions, development of mathematical, computational and conceptual models to study complex phenotypes
Gaut, Brandon population genetics, molecular evolution, genome evolution
George, Steven C. Physiological systems modeling, respiratory heat and mass transport, kinetics, computer simulation, tissue engineering
Gratton, Enrico Design of new fluorescence instruments, protein dynamics, hydration of proteins, and I.R. spectroscopy of biological substances
Grosberg, Anna Applying multiscale computational modeling and tissue engineering to stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (heart muscle cells), cardiac morphogenesis (development of structure), and cardiac function.
Gross, Steve Biophysics of molecular motors and intracellular transport 
Guidotti, Patrick Partial Differential Equations and Applied (Functional) Analysis
Haun, Jered Targeted drug delivery, clinical cancer detection, nanotechnology, molecular engineering, computational simulations
Hayes, Wayne Large-Scale Data Analysis: Information Access & Management / Databases / Information Infrastructure / Bio-Medical Informatics / Computational Biology
Hertel, Klemens Mechanisms of pre-mRNA splicing and the function of splicing enhancers  in exon definition, Regulation of pre-mRNA splicing and human genetic diseases, The coupling of transcription and pre-mRNA splicing
Huang, Lan Biological mass spectrometry/proteomics, ubiquitin-proteasome degradation pathways, protein complexes, posttranslational modifications, protein-protein interaction
Hughes, Christopher Blood vessel development, angiogenesis in cancer, bioengineering of blood vessels and tissues
Hui, Elliot MEMS, cell-cell interactions, tissue engineering, global health
Ihler, Alexander Artificial Intelligence: Automated Reasoning / Machine Learning / Data Mining
James, Anthony Molecular biology of insect vectors of disease, genetics of vector competence, malaria, dengue fever
Kaiser, Peter Control of the cell cycle through mechanisms involving ubiquitination
Keyak, Joyce Bone biomechanics and structural analysis ; Effects of medications, aging, tumors, radiotherapy, and spaceflight on bone ; Cancer and radiotherapy ; Imaging using quantitative computed tomography
Kherardvar, Arash Cardiovascular engineering with emphasis on cardiac mechanics, cardiac imaging and cardiovascular devices
Khine, Michelle Quantitative Single-Cell Analysis of Receptor Dynamics and Chemotactic Response on a Chip
Komarova, Natalia Mathematical biology: modeling of cancer initiation and progression,  dynamics of DNA transcription and repair, modeling of learning and evolution of language
Lander, Arthur Systems biology of morphogenesis and pattern formation, proteoglycans, extracellular matrix, birth defects syndromes
Lanyi, Janos  Bacteriorhodopsin, spectroscopy, protein crystallography
Lathrop, Rick Artificial Intelligence: Automated Reasoning / Machine Learning / Data Mining / Bio-Medical Informatics / Computational Biology / Protein Structure Prediction / Drug Discovery / Genetic Regulation 
Liu, Chang Synthetic biology, chemical biology, and directed evolution.
Liu, Haoping MAP kinase mediated signal transduction; dimorphic regulation in yeast
Liu, Wendy Understanding how microenvironmental cues regulate cell behavior in order to better understand and treat diseases of the cardiovasculature
Long, Anthony Quantitative and population genetics, genetic basis of quantitative variation for different phenotypes in different organisms, gene mapping and microarray analysis
Lowengrub, John Microstructured Materials, Multiphase Flows, Crystal Growth, Nanostructure Patterning, Metallic Alloys, Tumor Growth, Tissue Engineering
Leucke, Hartmut "Hudel" Protein crystallography, structure function studies, membrane proteins, bacteriorhodopsin, annexi, G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR), structure-based drug design
Luo, Ray Computational Biology, Protein Structure, Protein Function
Marsh, Larry Regulation of growth factor signaling in patterning, regeneration, and oncogenesis, Mechanisms of late onset neurodegeneration
Martens, Craig Theoretical Chemistry, Chemical Physics 
Martiny, Adam Microbiology, Environmental Genomics, Oceanography
McHenry, Matthew Biomechanics, Locomotion, Sensory Biology 
Mjolsness, Eric Artificial Intelligence: Automated Reasoning / Machine Learning / Data Mining / Bio-Medical Informatics / Computational Biology / Systems Biology / Scientific Inference Systems / Mathematical Methods
Monuki, Edwin Roles of morphogens and transcription factors in early NSC fate control and boundary formation involving the cortex and specialized tissues at the midline
Mortazavi, Ali Applications of genomics, computation, and sequencing technologies to the analysis of transcriptional regulation in development. Emphasis on long-range protein-DNA interactions, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, ChIA-PET, and comparative genomics
Mukamel, Shaul Theoretical studies of ultrafast dynamics and relaxation processes of large molecules, biological complexes, and semiconductors; Nonlinear ultrafast spectroscopy
Nenadic, Zoran Adaptive biomedical signal processing, control algorithms for biomedical devices, brain-machine interfaces, modeling and analysis of biological neural networks
Nguyen, Hung Self-assembly of biological and biomimetic nanoscale materials based on amino acids and on nucleic acids using computational and theoretical methods
Nie, Qing Computational Biology, Developmental and Cell Biology, Numerical Analsis, Interface Dynamics in Materials and Fluids, High-Performance Computing, Modeling and Simulation of Tissue Patterning, Systems Biology
Nowick, James Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Biomolecular Nanotechnology
Plikus, Maksim Stem cells and stem cell niche, Regeneration of tissues and organs, Biological pattern formation, Self-organization, Skin and hair follicles, Adipose tissue, WNT and BMP signaling pathways
Potma, Eric Molecular mobility in biological materials, vibrational coherences, ultrafast microscopy
Rafelski, Susanne Intracellular organization, Geometry of organelles (size, shape, position, dynamics), Mitochondrial networks
Ranz, Jose Structural evolutionary genomics and evolution of the expression network
Read, Elizabeth Dynamics of complex biochemical systems and regulation of immune responses
Ritz, Thorsten Biological physics, magnetic sense of animals, quantum biology of photosynthesis
Sandmeyer, Suzanne Molecular genetics and biochemistry of retrotransposons and metabolic engineering in budding yeast
Schilling, Tom Zebrafish development, pattern formation, morphogenesis
Shahbaba, Babak Developing Bayesian methods and applying them to real-world problems; applying novel statistical methods to solve research questions in genetics, genomics, proteomics, and cancer studies
Shaka, A.J. Physical and Biophysical Chemistry; NMR Spectroscopy; Chemistry of Aging; Nuclear Power; Radiochemistry
Sheu, Phillip C-Y Database Systems, Object-Oriented Systems, Parallel Processing, Simulation, Interactive Multimedia Systems. Biomedical Database Management, Intranet/Internet Technologies
Siryaporn, Albert Biomechanics, Bacterial Signaling, Bacterial Pathogens, Biofilms
Siwy, Zuzanna Experimental Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics
Smyth, Padhraic Artificial Intelligence: Automated Reasoning / Machine Learning / Data Mining
Large-Scale Data Analysis: Information Access & Management / Databases / Information Infrastructure; Internet Technologies / Applications; Statistics
Solna, Knut Applied mathematics, applied probablility, stochastic differential equations
Steele, Robert Molecular biology of Hydra development
Stern, Hal statistical inference using Bayesian methods, assessing the fit of statistical models, applications of statistics in the social and biological sciences, and statistics in sports.
Taborek, Peter Surface physics, sensors, high speed imaging, and fluid mechanics
Tan, Ming Gene Expression and Pathogenesis in Chlamydia Trachomatis
Thornton, Kevin Comparative genomics, Population Genetics, and statistical Genetics
Tobias, Douglas Computational Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry
Tromberg, Bruce Lasers, near infrared spectroscopy, non-invasive diagnostics, photomedicine, biomedical optics, photodynamic therapy
Tsai, Sheryl Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, Structural Biology, Microbiology
Venugopalan, Vasan Biomedical laser applications, optical diffusion theory, photothermal and photomechanical phenomena
Wan, Frederic Y.M. Applied Mathematics, Solid Mechanics, Resource Economics, Biomathematics
Warrior, Rahul Drosophila development, regulation of nuclear position and migration, effects of proteoglycans in growth factor signaling, regulation of developmental gene expression.  
Waterman, Marian Regulation of gene expression by LEF/TCF - beta-catenin complexes
Weiss, Gregory Bioorganic chemistry, chemical biology, protein engineering, molecular biology and biochemistry
Whiteson , Katrine Host-associated microbial communities, metabolomics, metagenomics, microbial ecology, phage, fermentation, polymicrobial infection, microbial interactions, human microbiome
Wickramasinghe, H. Kumar Nano metrology to in-situ sensors that improve the throughput and/or yield in manufacturing lines to novel instruments for ultra fast sequencing of DNA and nanoscale metrology in biology
Wodarz, Dominik Mathematical and Computational Biology, Theoretical Biology, infectious diseases and the immune system, carcinogenesis & cancer treatment
Wunderlich, Zeba Experimental and computational approaches to studying the regulation of gene expression, Drosophila development, and interpreting natural variation in regulatory sequences
Xie, Xiaohui Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Neural Computation, and Machine Learning
Xin, Jack Analysis and Modeling of Reaction-Diffusion-Advection Fronts, Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Asymptotics and Computations, Multiscale Analysis of Partial Differential Equations and Applications, Mathematical Modeling in Speech and Hearing Sciences. 
Yokomori, Kyoko Mechanism and regulation of chromosome structural changes required for the maintenance of genome integrity
Yu, Clare Biological physics, Intracellular transport, Disordered systems
Zhao, Hong-kai The Level Set Method, Moving Interface and Free Boundary, Image Processing and Computer Graphics, Time Reversal and Wave Propagation, Domain Decomposition