Applications for admittance to the Fall 2019/20 academic year will be accepted beginning September 4, 2018. We recommend that all applicants submit their complete application package by December 15, 2018 to be considered for invitation to the MCSB Recruitment Events to be held in mid February 2019.
The MCSB curriculum is designed to teach students at the beginning of their graduate careers the necessary mathematical, computational, and biological knowledge for successful research at the interface between these disciplines. The needs of students with a variety of backgrounds can be met provided that they have had mathematical training comparable to a standard one-year university-level calculus course and a lower-division university course in elementary differential equations and linear algebra. Exceptional students not meeting these prerequisites may be admitted to the program on the condition that they fulfill these requirements during the first fall quarter of their graduate study or the summer preceding, and pass with a grade of B or better.
Admissions Information:
The MCSB Executive Committee and Director act as the admissions committee. Following an initial screening of applications, the Executive Committee usually invites potential trainees for an interview at UCI. The Director makes final offers of admissions to applicants, based on the recommendations of the interviewing faculty and the Executive Committee. 

Financial Support: 
A hallmark of the MCSB Program has been the strength of its student financial support. During the first year of Ph.D. study, the MCSB Gateway Program provides complete financial support to admitted Ph.D. students, which includes an annual stipend, as well as full tuition and fee remission, including health benefits. Typically, financial support for the three summer months after the first academic year at UCI will be through research funding provided or arranged by a student's primary thesis advisor. Since the fall of 2007 when the program admitted its first class of students, every student successfully completing the Gateway year has also been fully supported by the UCI Departments and faculty where they have chosen to continue their Ph.D. research.
Program Application:
Applications are made through the Office of Graduate Studies using the Online Application. Once logged in to the online application, the applicant will see that the graduate programs are organized by school/department. Please select: "Interdisciplinary Programs" from the "School/Department" drop-down menu. Then select "Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology Ph.D." or "Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology M.S."  from the "Major/Degree" menu. 
Recruitment Visit Meeting:
Selected applicants residing in the United States will be invited for an interview and recruiting visit to UCI. The recruitment event is scheduled for mid February 2019 for students to be admitted for the 2019-20 academic year. If selected, you will be asked to indicate the names of faculty with whom you would be interested in meeting.