Name Research Area
Long Chen Theoretical analysis and practical application of Adaptive Finite Element Methods (AFEMs)
German Enciso Developing generic modules for biochemical reactions in little b and to study signal transduction pathways associated with EGF receptors.
Patrick Guidotti Partial Differential Equations and Applied (Functional) Analysis
Natalia Komarova Mathematical biology: modeling of cancer initiation and progression, dynamics of DNA transcription and repair, modeling of learning and evolution of language
John Lowengrub Microstructured Materials, Multiphase Flows, Crystal Growth, Nanostructure Patterning, Metallic Alloys, Tumor Growth, Tissue Engineering
Qing Nie Computational Biology, Developmental and Cell Biology, Numerical Analsis, Interface Dynamics in Materials and Fluids, High-Performance Computing, Modeling and Simulation of Tissue Patterning, Systems Biology
Knut Solna Applied mathematics, applied probablility, stochastic differential equations
Frederic Y.M. Wan Applied Mathematics, Solid Mechanics, Resource Economics, Biomathematics
Jack Xin Analysis and Modeling of Reaction-Diffusion-Advection Fronts, Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Asymptotics and Computations, Multiscale Analysis of Partial Differential Equations and Applications, Mathematical Modeling in Speech and Hearing Sciences.
Hong-kai Zhao The Level Set Method, Moving Interface and Free Boundary, Image Processing and Computer Graphics, Time Reversal and Wave Propagation, Domain Decomposition