Name Research Area
John Lowengrub Microstructured Materials, Multiphase Flows, Crystal Growth, Nanostructure Patterning, Metallic Alloys, Tumor Growth, Tissue Engineering
Arash Kheradvar Cardiovascular engineering with emphasis on cardiac mechanics, cardiac imaging and cardiovascular devices
Name Research Area
Babak Shahbaba Developing Bayesian methods and applying them to real-world problems; applying novel statistical methods to solve research questions in genetics, genomics, proteomics, and cancer studies
Hal Stern statistical inference using Bayesian methods, assessing the fit of statistical models, applications of statistics in the social and biological sciences, and statistics in sports.
Name Research Area
Lee Bardwell Use of molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology and math/computation to study fundamental questions of cell signaling and regulation
Olivier Cinquin Systems biology of cell differentiation. Using a combination of theoretical and experimental approaches to find out how regulatory networks control the progression from a stem cell state to a differentiated state.
Arthur Lander Systems biology of morphogenesis and pattern formation, proteoglycans, extracellular matrix, birth defects syndromes
Ali Mortazavi Applications of genomics, computation, and sequencing technologies to the analysis of transcriptional regulation in development. Emphasis on long-range protein-DNA interactions, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, ChIA-PET, and comparative genomics
Susanne Rafelski Intracellular organization, Geometry of organelles (size, shape, position, dynamics), Mitochondrial networks
Xiaohui Xie Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Neural Computation, and Machine Learning Informatics / Computational Biology / Systems Biology / Scientific Inference Systems / Mathematical Methods
Name Research Area
Enrico Gratton Design of new fluorescence instruments, protein dynamics, hydration of proteins, and I.R. spectroscopy of biological substances